Chinatown Market Secret Club "Dior" Monogram Basketball






Two fashion brands have collided to form a unique collaboration with the Chinatown Market Secret Club Dior Monogram Basketball. As the name suggests, this special basketball was released originally through Chinatown Market's exclusive Secret Club. It features the traditional black lines that fans might expect on a standard basketball. It is also the same size as a regulation ball. A Dior monogram print covers every surface of the orb in a dark blue font. It's set against a lighter blue background color that blends together without overshadowing the iconic logo. This Chinatown Market Secret Club Dior Monogram Basketball is one of the latest in a series that enthusiasts have come to know as the Chinatown Market basketball collection. The piece incorporates both the tie-dye color palette and graphic-centric designs for which Chinatown Market has become known over the years.


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